The essence of our vision at Reeve Law

is to bring honesty and integrity to all of our dealings and relationships and to provide informed, 'commercial' and professional services in a timely and cost effective manner.


Practice Areas

 General Business / 

Commercial Transactions

Building and Construction

 Entertainment and Media

Property Transactions

Reeve Law is well-placed to provide advice and legal assistance to its clients in any of the following areas.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in any way we can to achieve your professional and personal aspirations.

About Us

Reeve Law is a family-run boutique law firm, presently comprising the father-and-son team of Robert Reeve and Craig Reeve.


Robert is a highly regarded and experienced lawyer in the entertainment and media fields. His experience includes top-tier and mid-tier law firm experience as well as in-house counsel and sole practice. In his entertainment practice, Robert has represented producers, distributors, industry organisations and government agencies in virtually all aspects of the industry. Robert also has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of property law and in a broad range of business/commercial transactions.

Craig's experience encompasses roles in both the government and large corporate environments, including as a lawyer with in-house legal departments servicing top-tier building and construction firms since 2008. He also brings to Reeve Law significant experience in general commercial matters, including property transactions such as conveyancing and leasing, as well as entertainment and digital media.